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This is the index page to my site, which is permanently under construction...
To me the WWW is the library of the future, and my aim is to help write that library.


Index to the site

The Order of Christ  

The Order of Christ was a Portuguese military order originating with the Templars and was heavily involved with Henry the Navigator and the age of discovery.

British Quarterstaff Association  

I've been learning to fight with a quarterstaff!

Twelve Orders

The legend of the twelve orders.


Plugs for my favourite sites

Star Wars: An Edifice of Intent website of the book by my friend Ligia on the metaphysics behind the Star Wars movies. Makes the case that Lucas has created a new mythology, which now has its own life!

Ligia Luckhurst Ligia's website with lots of lovely art, photos and writing.

Gila Zur Artwork Gila's art website with paintings and animations (I love the acrylics best).

Cherry Gilchrist The website of the amazing and admirable Cherry - a writer and lecturer specialising in mythology, wisdom traditions, history and culture.

write4life - Writing your life story with Cherry's help.

On the Trail of the Women Warriors a website of the elusive Lyn Webster Wilde.

Meditator website for meditators of any tradition to exchange insights and perceptions.

bizworld my web design business site.

maths tuition my maths tuition business site.

Saros Saros is a group of people interested in spiritual development... or something like that anyway. Whatever it is, I do it, and I maintain the web pages too!

The Dilbert Zone. Top cartoon strip (I don't know whether to laugh or cry!)